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Tea commnet Price
Grand Scarlet Robe
There are many legends about this king of gancha(yancha). Floral notes, sweet almost fruit like flavor. It warms your body from its core, increases blood flow, and is beneficial to all your internal organs. It takes away your tiredness and is perfect for those who want to balance their body and mind. This is also a great tea for celebrations. 20g 7320yen
White Cockscomb
This is as great a tea as Grand Scarlet Robe. It is a luxurious escape from the daily rush of life. It has regal notes and elegant flavor. After the third or fourth round, your head and your eyes will clear. We highly recommend this tea! 10g 2160yen
Gokuhin Nikkei This is our most popular tea. It has a sweet fragrance matched with a strong flavor and is the most famous cliff tea that is representative of the Wuyi region. It regulates the cardiac and circulatory system, and is good for your eyes and a calm mind. This is our number one staff pick! 30g 5180yen
10g 1810yen
Hōō Suisen
Phoeinix Water Goddess
This has long been a best seller and is perfect for those new to cliff tea. It has fruity notes of Muscat grapes and this year’s tea reminds one of the taste of marron glace (French glazed chestnuts). It is good for your respiratory function and boosting the immune system. Drinking this tea will make you feel positive! 30g 3380yen
10g 1380yen
Mysterious Seed
If this tea’s yield is good, all of the other cliff teas will have a good harvest, making this a bell weather tea. This year’s yield is among our best yet. It has a pure character and slightly astringent taste and is good for the circulatory system and movement of energy that will bring benefits to your constitution. 30g 2850yen
10g 1080yen
Vintage Water Goddess
These tea plants are over 100 years old. Of all the mineral rich cliff teas, this is perhaps the most so. It has a deep flavor that is hard to describe so we recommend trying it once. It warms the body, takes away tiredness, and is good for your liver. This is a good tea for those fond of alcohol. 30g 2850yen
10g 1080yen
White Peony
This tea’s elegant floral notes produce a festive mood. Good for celebrations or when you want to feel luxurious. This tea is good for the kidneys and those with chills, and is recommended for women’s health. 10g 1380yen
Iron Arhat
One of the four most famous teas, this offering comes from a vintage tea plant. It is great to try at least once. There is a deep strong fragrance that reminds one of brandy. It is great to induce relaxation and for quiet moments. Great for cardiopulmonary function and to maintain body temperature. 10g 1380yen
Ishi Kannon
Stone Goddess of Mercy
This is a popular tea. There is a milky sweet fragrance combined with an aged fruitiness. It is good for the stomach and intestines, the changing of seasons, or when you have overeaten. 10g 1380yen
Never See the Sky
This rare tea grows in the depths of a valley in the Wuyi mountains. For those who know Cliff teas, it is highly praised for its subtle fragrance and deeply matching sweetness like oxidized silver. This tea is good for your respiratory system. 10g 1380yen
Scarlet Robe
This is a staff favorite! Mixing sweet and sour tastes, this is a very rich and dignified tea. It refreshes your body from its core. Good for your liver, allergies, eye strain, and all around detoxification. 10g 1380yen
Golden Willow
This tea has a delicate sweetness and refreshing deepness, and is good for your throat, lungs, and thyroid. It seeps deep into your body, breathing relaxation into your being. 10g 1080yen
Golden Turtle
One of the four most famous cliff teas, it has a faint sweetness that makes you feel expansive from the bottom of your heart. Its relaxing flavor calms your spirit and balances your emotions. It is great for your stomach and intestines as well as your spleen. 10g 1080yen
Waist Halfway to Heaven
If you want to be revitalized, this is the tea for you! Growing at the top of Mt Wuyi, this tea is overflowing with energy! Depending on where it grows, each cliff tea has different characteristics. This tea has a soft sweetness and strong flavor. Great for your immune system, this tea will lift you up! 10g 1080yen
White Haired Monkey
This tea makes you feel like you are wrapped in a soft warmth and sweetness without any bitterness. This tea is mild and easy to drink, helping warm your extremities and improve kidney function. It is particularly recommended for women’s health! 10g 1080yen

White Tea, Jasmine Tea, Black Tea

※The amount in grams and price (tax included) are as described.
Tea Comment Price
Silver Needle A famous white tea and staff pick! You can watch the tea brew in a glass cup while you enjoy it’s soft sweetness and subtle fragrance. 30g 1730yen
Needle Jasmine Tea Highest quality jasmine tea. Jasmine flowers mixed with tea several times infuse their fragrance in this tea that is full of vitamins and is good for your skin, fatigue, or autonomic system. 30g 1470yen
Jasmine Tea Pearls Tightly balled high quality jasmine tea. You can enjoy the leaves unfurl while you are soothed by its fragrance. 30g 1230yen
Lapsong Souchou This black tea grows in Mt Wuyi, the same place as our Cliff teas. Its smoky flavor and strong taste are addictive and it is great with milk and honey. 30g 1940yen

Herbal Tea

※The amount in grams and price (tax included) are as described.
Tea Comment Price
Chrysanthemum Tea A Chrysanthemum herbal tea that will open your eyes! Great for your skin, you can even put it in a tea bag and soak it in your tub for detoxification. 10g 800yen
Wild Kuding Tea High quality wild kuding tea that is bitter yet mildly sweet. Great for detoxing, your heart, and blood pressure. 5g 800yen
Wild Seven Leaf Ginseng Tea This natural tea is a nourishing tonic. It is perfect when you are a little down and need a pick me up. Sweet more so than bitter, it is easy to drink and its flavor lasts for many rounds. Full of natural saponin, this tea is good for low blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and to prevent liver damage. 15g 800yen

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